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Mason bee nests

Posted by blueberrytalk on April 1, 2008

 March 31,2008.

Mason bees will be emerging from their cacoons soon. They have spent their time since last spring in a tiny compartment in this bamboo nest. The same mud wall that seperates the compartments forms the entrance to the nest. Looking at the colour of the entrance you can see why they are called “Mason” bees. (click on pictures to enlarge)


The set of bamboo nests above along with others is in a large container with a couple of holes drilled in it. When the bees see the light they escape through the hole but can’t find their way back to their old nest. A new clean nest has been prepared and is placed under the eaves of a building. They like this south facing site a lot. It is well protected from predators.


As you can see from this picture the Masson bee is like a little bristle brush. This makes for good pollination-better than a honey bee but not as good as a bumble bee.

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