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Durable Draper blueberry

Posted by blueberrytalk on August 30, 2008

This is the first year to experience the Draper variety of blueberry since it is a new variety. We left some bushes unpicked to see how the berries would survive. In spite of several rainy days the tough Draper skin shows amazing resistance to splitting. After a rain a week ago many ripe Bluecrop berries split making them unsuitable for fresh market. Continuous rain for the last two days has left the Draper in the condition shown in the pictures below.

Draper blueberry

Draper blueberry


To see how late these Drapers are see a picture below of some Elliots which have already had a light picking and from the picture you can see they will be picked again soon. (Elliots are a very late berry.) Drapers seem very forgiving as to when they are harvested which is a huge plus for a grower. The thick skin of the Draper should carry lots of antioxidants for such a large berry.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Elliot blueberry

Elliot blueberry

2 Responses to “Durable Draper blueberry”

  1. Does anyone know why the blueberries split after a heavy rain fall?

    • blueberrytalk said

      The Draper blueberries have a very thick skin – like a grape. This is probably why they didn’t split.The Bluecrop, on the other hand , have a thinner skin. Blueberries can absob moisture through the skin causing them to swell.

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