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Arrow bamboo

Posted by blueberrytalk on March 17, 2009

The bamboo used for Mason bee nests is about 5/16″ opening at the top of the stalk and larger at the bottom of the bamboo stalk. The bees accept either sized opening. In fact, in the picture below the bamboo tube is almost 1/2″ in size. Notice that the cocoons on the right are vertical in the tube compared to the cocoons on the left so the bees can adapt to larger bamboo nests. ( The three yellow cells are infestations of pollen mites.)

large bamboo nest

large bamboo nest

Yesterday I visited “CANADA’S BAMBOO WORLD’ in Chilliwack B.C. to identify the kind of bamboo we had been using for mason bee nests. It appears to be “Pseudosasa japonica” or “arrow bamboo”. This  is from their catalogue.

Pseudosasa japonica (Arrow Bamboo)

* Max height 18’ (Estimated West Coast Maximum Height 15 feet) * Max culm diameter .75″ * Min. temp -26C * Sun/Shade * Running Bamboo *

The culms are erect with rather large leaves, up to a foot long by 1.5 inches wide.  It does well in tubs and pots.   Very tropical looking with it’s large leaves.  An excellent choice for indoors. (1 gallon $14.00, 2 gallon $19.00, 3 gallon $29.00, 5 gallon $38.00, 7 gallon $48.00)



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