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Now that’s a bumblebee

Posted by blueberrytalk on June 27, 2009

The search for bumblebee pictures has taken me to the Kihei Surfside in south Kihei, Maui. (see blogroll)  Honeybees were enjoying the same flower as the bumblebee in the picture. While here we are enjoying some excellent Lehua Honey.

Lehua honey comes purely from the Lehua blossom which is the flower of the ‘Ohi’a tree, a beautiful, native hardwood found in verdant, rolling pastures 4,000 feet up the north side of Mauna Kea volcano. This creamy, spreadable honey has a unique, volcanic-mountain, floral taste. Source:

Huge Maui bumblebee

Huge Maui bumblebee


2 Responses to “Now that’s a bumblebee”

  1. Sara Jane said

    Hi Grandpa, How is Hawaii? The bumblebee picture is really cool, it is so close up. Who took it? What have you done in the past few days? Love Sara Jane

    • blueberrytalk said

      I took this picture. Some of the pictures on the blog are from Dan and some from Josh. Bumblebees in Pitt Meadow are a lot smaller but they are worker bumblebees. The kihei bumblebees could be Queens but even for queens they are huge. There is a video on the blog about bumblebees that will show you the difference between workers and queens.

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