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Cleaning Mason bees cocoons 2009

Posted by blueberrytalk on October 29, 2009

Getting rid of pollen mites is a good way help your Mason bee population grow. The cocoons in the picture are drying after being washed  and dipped in a mild beach solution. They will be kept in a secure container to protect them from mice.

mason bee cocoons 09 002

Mason bee cocoons

 Candling the Mason bee cocoons shows which cocoons are not viable. Most of the cocoons in the batch above show a Mason bee inside in a fetal position. See other posts on Mason bees.

Copy of candeling 001

Candling cocoons


2 Responses to “Cleaning Mason bees cocoons 2009”

  1. Paul said

    Can you say a bit more about your technique of ‘candling’, and what you mean by viable? Do you mean that you can see which ones will emerge, or which ones are female or something else?

  2. blueberrytalk said

    Light shining through a cocoon will show the dark shape of the mason bee inside. Once a bee reaches this stage of development you can depend on a high success rate of emerging bees. Small cocoons indicate males and large cocoons females.

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