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Mason bee nests

Posted by blueberrytalk on January 13, 2011

Winter is the time to get Mason bee nests ready for the spring. Kraft paper (2.25 X 6.5 inches) is rolled around a 5mm knitting needle. The liner is slipped into a 3/8 inch hole in the wood block and the excess folded over at the back of the block. Gorilla tape is cut in half and used to seal the back of the nest. (click on the picture to enlarge)

Mason bee nest block

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Tobia and her brothers

Posted by blueberrytalk on January 9, 2011

Tobia breeds goats, milks goats and facilitates goat milking contests for city cousins. Sometimes goats don’t cooperate with what you want and it looks like it’s the same with brothers. Here is the story as Tobia tells it.

Pizza was for dinner, a naturally treasured meal, accompanied by an unnamed stringy green vegetable, a natural thing to be avoided by most people.

I had hardly taken a few bites when I heard that plaintive cry, Phinehas had woken up. My brothers usually had a bad sense of timing, but Finn (Phin) had the worst.  He liked to wake up during mealtimes and was fond of doing loud or odorous diaper filling in silent public places, such as airplanes, libraries and churches.

I picked him up, and Mum took him.  Mum typically took Finn at dinner, not that I’m complaining.

I looked over at Finn, now sitting comfortably on Mum’s lap-prince of the house that he is.  He was blowing bubbles…through his nose.  His pudgy hand reached out to prod the unnamed vegetables, and he pinched his little face as if to say Yuck! Why do you eat this stuff!

Like I said, he had the worst timing; he could at least wait until we were done eating before reminding us of the food we try so hard to forget.

After some time the prince of the house decided it was time for a change…literally!

This time the dirty job landed on Perren- and I had the equally dirty job of teaching him how.

I can’t really blame Perren for not wanting the job, but the dialogue that followed was annoying.

“Now, take off the diaper…”

“You do it, I’ll hold the legs.”

“No.  Take off the diaper.”

“You do it, I’ll hold the legs.”

Then Later:

“Now, wipe it…”

“You do it, I’ll hold the legs.”

“Nooo! Seriously! Wipe it!”

“Here, you do it, I’ll hold the legs.”

This lesson continued for about ten minutes, with different teachers.  Perren did not want to change that diaper.

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