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Lining Mason bee nests with kraft paper

Posted by blueberrytalk on January 28, 2012

This year we will put out 4000 Mason bee cocoons in 10 acres of blueberries. There will be a random mix of males and females. The number of nests required is 75% of the number of cocoons released or 3000. In the picture below we are cutting the kraft paper that is used to line the nests.


2 Responses to “Lining Mason bee nests with kraft paper”

  1. Jim said

    When do blueberries start to bloom and how long is the blooming season?
    Are you using blue orchard mason bees (Osmia Lignaria)?

    • Jim, because we have early and late varieties the bloom time goes from late April to mid June. The Mason bees are released from the fridge at first bloom and some bees outlast the blueberry bloom season.
      Here is a description of the bees from the Apiculture branch of the B.C. Ministry of Agriclture:
      “The common Blue Orchard Mason Bee, Osmia lignaria is found in the B.C.’s southern Interior and coastal areas. It goes under various names including Blue Orchard Bee, Orchard Mason Bee, Orchard Bee, and Osmia Bee.”

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