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Posted by blueberrytalk on September 14, 2012

It takes seven weeks after planting for flowers to show on the Cosmos but once they start to bloom the flowers keep coming. Cosmos is a late season foraging source for honeybees and bumblebees.


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Anise Hyssop – a bee favorite

Posted by blueberrytalk on September 4, 2012

Honeybees and bumblebees are all over the Anise hyssop. These plants were started in the greenhouse to be available to the bees at this time.

Anise hyssop

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Heptacodium – a bee delight

Posted by blueberrytalk on September 2, 2012

This plant blossomed at least a month earlier than last year. This is an unusual characteristic of this tree to blossom earlier as it grows older!

The bees love it for its nectar and pollen and its timeing is perfect in providing forage at a time of year when other sources are finishing up.

Heptacodium blossoms

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