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Why wasps attack beehives in the fall

Posted by blueberrytalk on December 24, 2013

“As nests start to grow and there are young wasp larvae to be nurtured, the adults catch insect food for the larvae to eat. In turn, the wasp larvae regurgitate parts of this insect food (chitin which make up insect exoskeletons) producing a sugary liquid which they feed back to the adult wasps.

Once the wasp nest has produced new queens and these have spun their silk caps ready to pupate, the nest is then essentially on countdown to dying…

The adult worker wasps that are left in the nest now have no food source because there are no wasp larvae in the nest to feed the adults with the sugar solution. This is when wasps can become a problem as they go looking for other food sources and often cross paths with humans. These wasps are looking for any source of food that contains sugar, so for example a pub garden with pints of beer or other sugary drinks and food lying about will be a target for hungry wasps.”


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