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Enhancing Blueberry pollination with Mason bees

Posted by blueberrytalk on October 21, 2016

For the last two years I had set out enough nests to accommodate a 2 ½ times increase in cocoons collected. It quickly became obvious that nests would be full well before the pollination was over. The measure of pollination success is not the cocoons placed in the field but the number of cocoons collected. Each cocoon collected represents something that began with a wad of pollen that was the start of a new cocoon. Each wad of pollen represents 1500 flower visits. Blueberry pollen is very distinctive as can be seen in the picture and the pollen can be easily seen when the bees enter their nest.


I experienced a more than 2 1/2 times increase in cocoons from the number set out originally. What explains this increase? When cocoons are released in the field some will stay to use the nests that are available where they are released but some will fly away to seek opportunities elsewhere. This would be analogous to swarming in honeybees. On my farm there are so many nest locations (marked by arrows) that many bees will just relocate to another nest location on my farm.




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