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Posted by blueberrytalk on May 17, 2008

Apple blossoms are preferred by bees over blueberry blossoms. In Pitt Meadows B.C. there are many wild apple trees in wooded or unkept areas. This is quite a challenge to the blueberry grower who wants to get his blueberries pollinated but finds his bees spending all their time in the apple blossoms.

The wild apple trees produce a fruit that is elongated but hardly more than a centimeter in length. Birds do the Johnney Appleseed thing so that wild apples are planted far and wide. In the two pictures below bees are collecting pollen and nector from wild apples. (click on photo to enlarge).


Over thirty years ago known apple varieties were grafted onto the wild apple stock. The wild apple root system was well adapted to the land so this was a winning combination. The next two pictures show a Transparent apple with it’s smooth bark grafted onto wild apple stock. Notice the rough bark of the wild apple and the suckers trying to grow from the wild apple trunk. These, of course, would produce wild apples.


The third picture clearly shows the graft of a wonderful cooking apple onto wild apple stock. There is a sucker growing up from the roots with the typical sharp spikes of the wild apple.

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