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Blueberries, Diabetes and Blood Pressure

Posted by blueberrytalk on September 29, 2010

More reasons to eat blueberries!

A newly published research study has found that including regular servings of blueberries in your diet can have a positive impact on people at risk for Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes.

Published in the October issue of The Journal of Nutrition, [the] study found that daily consumption of blueberries helped people with a high risk for Type 2 diabetes reduce that risk.   After drinking two blueberry smoothies a day for six weeks, participants’  insulin sensitivity increased –  a key factor in preventing Type 2 diabetes.  The reduced risk for diabetes was observed in both men and women, according to the study.

That’s not the only study that has recently discovered a health beneft from blueberries.  A team of researchers at Oklahoma State University recently found that consuming  blueberries every day  can help reduce some heart risk factors, such as high blood pressure.

In the eight-week study, one group of patients drank a beverage made from two cups of blended frozen blueberries once a day — and continued to eat a normal diet. Another group of patients drank an equivalent amount of fluids and ate their standard diet.

After eight weeks, Basu said, researchers saw a seven- to eight-point drop in the systolic blood pressure of patients who had been drinking the blueberry beverage.


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Fermented blueberry juice helps with weight loss

Posted by blueberrytalk on September 1, 2009

Lab animals responded to fermented blueberry juice by showing reduced blood sugar levels which translates into a potential for weight loss and control of diabetes.

A Canadian study has found that enhanced blueberry juice helped manage, and even prevent, obesity and diabetes in mice — a finding researchers are hoping will lead to similar results in humans.

Researchers at the University of Montreal said they’ve discovered that blueberry juice transformed by a bacteria found on the skin of the fruit halted the progression of the two conditions in mice.

Pierre Haddad, a pharmacology professor at the university, said the bacteria quadrupled the amount of antioxidants in the juice – boosting what is already thought to be helpful in protecting the body against certain harmful molecules.

The researchers found the juice reduced blood sugar levels in the rodents, which is critical to the onset of both conditions.


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Blueberries and diabetes

Posted by blueberrytalk on June 12, 2009

There is more evidence for the health benefits of blueberries as a result of human trials conducted a the University of P.E.I.

…[Researchers conducted] a pilot study evaluating the effect of blueberry juice on middle-aged, overweight men at moderate risk of cardiovascular disease.The group of 14 men was divided into two. One group was given 250 mL — just over one cup — of wild blueberry juice each day for three weeks while the other group was given a juice-like placebo for three weeks, followed by the reverse treatment.

Fasting blood samples were taken at the beginning and end of each treatment period. The results showed a trend toward better insulin sensitivity — good news for people who are pre-diabetic. “As we age, we make less insulin, so we’re more at risk for developing diabetes, and 80% of diabetics will have risk factors for heart attack and stroke,” [researcher] Sweeney-Nixon said.

If we’re more sensitive to the insulin our body produces, it can still do its job even though we produce less with age.


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