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Sumac and fireweed

Posted by blueberrytalk on July 2, 2012

Sumac and fireweed blossom at the same time but the fireweed will continue to blossom for a much longer time.

sumac and fireweed


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Two honeybee favorites

Posted by blueberrytalk on July 26, 2011

Fireweed and Blackberry provide nectar for the bees for several weeks in the summer. The bees have a strong preference for these plants. Meanwhile clover is relatively ignored.

Fireweed & Blackberry

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Guest photographer visits the farm

Posted by blueberrytalk on July 14, 2010

Bees on Anise hyssop and Fireweed – by Josh

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Posted by blueberrytalk on July 2, 2010

A small wild bee enjoys a visit to a fireweed blossom.

Wild bee & fireweed

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Productive and long lasting-fireweed

Posted by blueberrytalk on July 12, 2009

Fireweed has been in blossom for over two weeks now and has some time to go. Here is a description of this exceptional plant from top to bottom:

  1. Buds yet to open
  2. Flowers in bloom
  3. Long slim seed pods
  4. Side shoots that repeat the process ( only on some plants)


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Fireweed plays a role

Posted by blueberrytalk on June 23, 2009

Fireweed has taken over from Sumac as a main foraging source for bees. Blackberry and clover continue as part of the bee’s diet. Fireweed seeds are carried over the land like clouds as they sail easily in the breeze. This plant is more likely to expand than retreat.

Bumblebee on Fireweed blossom

Bumblebee on Fireweed blossom

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A flower made for bees

Posted by blueberrytalk on August 3, 2008

Aside from the high quality honey, the fireweed provides an extended nectar gathering season for the bees. In the picture below notice the seed pods that have been formed below the flowers. Above the seed pods there are flowers in bloom and above the flowers there are buds yet to open. The next picture was taken almost a month ago when there are no seed pods but you can see the buds above the flowers. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

late fireweed

late fireweed


early fireweed

early fireweed

The butterfly bush is of interest to bees for it’s nectar and pollen. Notice the grey pollen the bee has gathered.
Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush

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Posted by blueberrytalk on July 6, 2008

Patches of fireweed have just come into bloom adding to the variety of foraging sources for honeybees.


fireweed blossom  

bee on fireweed

bee on fireweed

Fireweed grows further north than any other major honey plant. Fireweed has adapted to climates from mountain heights to coastal plains, from Alaska to California. The Pacific Northwest has ideal climate conditions for this royal premium honey producing plant. The higher in elevation the honey is collected in the hive, the clearer the honey color. Some fireweed honey can be as colorless as water.

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